Creativity + Collaboration

The best work comes from putting small groups of really talented & passionate people together
to work collaboratively across disciplines on products they really believe in.
That’s what we’re about.

In the making

From the first idea to the finished product, each one starts and stays with us.

Cutting through the social noise

Imagine getting only the updates you want from social media, and jettisoning the rest. Our first product will help you do just that. Tilr launches in iOS, rolling out to other platforms later. And that’s only the beginning.

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Buying gifts made easy

Glimt will help you find the perfect gift for others, and yourself. It’s a simple idea and a big chunk of work, which is exciting for us. If all goes well, it’ll come in handy for Christmas, and for every day after that.

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Reaching those you need

One app would save lives. The other to reach people in a specific location. A one-line description and a quick sketch are all we have for these ideas. But we’re planning a hack day. Want to know more?

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Innovation + Flexibility

To come up with something new you need to view the world differently.
Ownership & freedom under responsibility lies at our core. It’s not about the hours we work, or where.
It’s what we do in that time that matters.

Products that make a difference

Whilst our products might begin from solving problems in our lives, we’re really building them to help others.
Each of our ideas is driven by a desire to get more out of life. The theme that combines our first products is ‘cutting through the noise’. From the wealth of updates we’re subject to every day to helping us find the things we’re after. 
But there’s one product in particular that could really change things. It’s ambitious. It’s not-for-profit. And if it works, it’ll make the world a better place. Work starts later this year and we’ll need help to make it happen. 

“Everything seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela
Polio has nearly been eradicated worldwide because of the Bill & Belinda Gates Foundation.
What Would It Take To solve some of the worlds’ other big and small problems?

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Inner + Outer

On our own we can only get so far. Together we can accomplish great things.
From our core team to our network of friends, we work with the right people at the right time.
That’s what we’re built on.

The latest from us

Sharing ownership of our products and the rewards that come out of them goes hand in hand with being open as a company.
More coming soon, on our blog.